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Experience “Olive oil tasting + Clotxa”

25,00 inc. IVA / VAT





Discover why olive oil has became one of the healthiest aliments. In an unbeatable scenario, either at the very orchards of centennial olive trees of Idententitat Extra Virgin Olive Oil or at the mill, through a guided taste we’ll learn to differentitate currently available on the market olive oil qualities, w’ll show you what benefits olive oil brings to health and we’ll break some false myths around this magnificient aliment.

Afterwards, we’ll prepare and, most important, we’ll eat la clotxa!, a traditional meal of farmers of the area when they used to eat when they had the new season olive oil. In la clotxa, emptied bread works as container to carry salty grilled sardine, tomatoe and garlic all properly dressed with plenty of extra virgin olive oil.


Price: 25€/person (“la clotxa”, still water and wine, coffee or tea with 1 olive oil chocolate included)

Duration: 2h

Timing: we will contact you after booking this experience

Meeting point at: Identitat Extra Virgin Olive Oil mill. Passeig Manel Pallarès, 21 A. 43596 Horta de Sant Joan

Reservations required at least 3 days in advance

Cancellation Policy: up to 72 hours before with no charge, by emailing us at


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