Why to sponsor an Identitat Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s olive tree?

  • The three basic pillars Identitat Extra Virgin Olive Oil is based on are, in one hand, caring and respecting both olive trees and environment, this is the reason why we only use environmental friendly techniques acknowledged within organic farming for caring our olive trees and recovering abandoned ones; on the other hand deep commitment for high quality extra virgin olive oil containing as many beneficial component to health as possible and because of this reason in 2016 we built our own mill and, last but not least, to broadcast the essence of the territory where we care the olive trees to anyone in the world willing to know that.
  • The best way to engage our clients in these three basic pillars is by offering them the chance to sponsor one of our centennial olive trees. This way, sponsor has up to date information on any task produced in the orchard either if it’s an scheduled task (like pruning, harvesting,…) or any other unexpected one (like nesting of birds,…) all of them proving that an olive tree orchard is a live ecosystem continuously in motion (growing of the tree, blossom, shelter of other species, snowfall,…)

What olive trees are available and where are they located?

  • Available olive trees for sponsoring are of Empeltre variety, the most iconic of our territory, whose are, at least, five-hundred-year-old (and some are even millennial!), located in an orchard which is Member of Land Stewardship Network at Horta de Sant Joan.
  • These olive trees are not watered (out of rain water) and surrounded by dry-stone walls. This landscape tells the story of its inhabitants and how this territory shaped their behaviour. This is a hard territory but with a natural beauty which also inspired Picasso to creat cubism.

What does sponsorship includes?

  • By just 170€, sponsor holds certification of exclusivity of the olive tree he/she decided for one year. Then, sponsor can name his/her olive tree, will be allowed to visit his/her olive tree at anytime he/she decides, will be offered to take part at the annual sponsors meeting, be part of Identitat Extra Virgin Olive Oil community and enjoy special offers.
  • Besides, by January sponsor will receive at home a full 12-bottles box of 500mL each of freshly obtained olive oil.
  • Sponsoring fee does not include shipping. Check fares during paying process.

How long sponsorship last? Can it be renewed?

  • Sponsorship last for one year from selected data and it is yearly renewable, although renewal must be explicitly notified.
  • Current sponsor has preferential option to keep on sponsoring the same olive tree once the date expired or change for another available olive tree.