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Award-winning Oils’ Box: Organic Empeltre 250 ml + Organic Picual 250 ml




Centre de Desenvolupament de l’Oli 2020: Second prize Bitter Green Fruity Olive Oil 


Fira de l’Oli de Jesús 2021: Best DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil ofTerres de l’Ebre. Protected Designations of Origin Baix Ebre, Montsià and Terra Alta Oils

Fira de l’Oli de Jesús 2020: Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Protected Designations of Origin (DOP) Baix Ebre, Montsià and Terra Alta


Empeltre is a very limited produced variety, basically located in the North-East of Spain.

Empeltre is a golden olive oil which surprises for its dry fuits tones (almonds, nuts,…) as well as for its mild, sweet and fruity notes. This oil is perfect for eating it either raw –since delivers creamy and unctuosity in mouth, improving the taste of the main ingredient in the dish without masking any taste- or for cooking since none of the tastes from the oil exceeds the tastes of the used ingredients.

Tasting notes for Empeltre are medium fruity; slightly bitter and medium spiciness, making this a well-balanced olive oil.




Fira Intercomarcal de l’Oli 2021: 1st Prize Sweet Green Fruity Olive Oil from Small Producers



Fira de l’Oli de Jesús 2021: Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Terres de l’Ebre without DOP





Picual, despite being the wildest produced variety in the world and very distinctive notes, due to location of our orchards, its tastes and flavours are different to most olive oils produced out of this variety.

Combination of Picual personality together with its different fruity notes make this olive oil very suited to eat either raw or cooked when aiming to merge tastes of the used ingredients with tastes of the olive oil.

Tasting notes of Picual are medium Fruity, medium Biter and medium Spiciness making, again, a well-balanced olive oil.


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Notes de cata

Medium fruity / Mild bitterness / Medium spiciness