Catalunya Ràdio, August, 1st, 2018

Premier of "Olive Oil List" at Gravetat Zero radio program with Ernest Macià

Article Mercacei petit

Spanish reference olive oil magazine Mercacei, July-October 2018, Num. 96

Identitat, worthiness of authenticity

Clotxa Paco Nadal

"La Clotxa", Horta de Sant Joan's farmers sandwich, by Paco Nadal

Finding special places in Terres de l'Ebre


TN Comarques, TV3 (8 de juny de 2018)

"Benviguts a Pagès" program challenges you to discover farms, museums and landscapes across Catalunya

Mercedes Abad ECOS 2018 portada

Mercedes Abad, ¿Orta u Horta?, ECOS, Lugares Mágicos, Abril 2018

Magic Places, Horta de Sant Joan, the village which Picasso fell in love with


Iker Morán (11 August 2017). La Gulateca. Blogs - 20 minutos

What to do and where to eat this summer in Delta del Ebro


Catalunya Ràdio (4 August 2017)

Gravetat Zero radio program


Emily Luxton (20 July 2017)

Olive Oil Tourism in Catalonia, Spain


Espai Terra. TV3 (20 July 2017)

Have you ever made oleoturism?


Luisa Ramos (19 July 2017)

Identitat EVOO and la clotxa: a trip to Terres de l'Ebre


Lourdes López (8 June 2017). @LoulouLopez

La clotxa, ¿how to make the traditional sandwich from Terres del Ebre?


Revista Cuina (June 2017). Number 203

Benvinguts a Pagès


Anton Rosa López (2 June 2017). El País

Five chances to vist a farm


Canal 21 Ebre (28 April 2017)

Catalan agricultural department pushes generational succession in Ebre area


Pablo Latorre (20 March 2017). Diari de Tarragona

100 liters of charitable olive oil


Canal Terres de l'Ebre (26 September 2016)

Oleotourism in Horta de Sant Joan


Canal 21 Ebre (2 June 2016)

Gent del Barri, at Horta de Sant Joan

160201 Acord Custodia Graellsia-Identitat

Maria Victoria Carles (8 February 2016). Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori News

New stewardship agreement in a centennial olive orchard in Horta de Sant Joan

150329 E&N

Núria Serret (29 March 2015). Diari de Tarragona, E&N supplement, p. 07

Rooted olive oil for export