The olive trees where the IDENTITAT Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced are located in Horta de Sant Joan, a small village at the north-eastern area of Spain and besides the “Els Ports”.

Els Ports is a rocky formation which is the natural link between the littoral ridge and the Central Iberian ridge in Spain. This rocky formation, because of its height and proximity to Mediterranean Sea, it has particular meteorological conditions whose propitiate a temperature and rain regime throughout the year very different to areas nearby.

This microclimate combined with the altitude where the orchards are cultivated brings a slightly delay both in the flowering cycle of the trees as well as ripening of the fruits that, eventually, produce a unique and very characteristic notes to the oil.

The olive trees whose IDENTITAT olive oil is obtained from have witnessed, along their centennial life, many different events whose, in turn, forged the fate and character of the territory and its inhabitants.

Year after year the olive trees have been tirelessly producing their fruits, the olives, where the precious oil is extracted from and this oil has been nourishing with its highly nutritional values all the generations form that area ever since.

With a wide family experience of over 5 generations devoted to farm these centennial olive trees, the exceptionality of the olive oil produced and a personal commitment for offering the most iconic product of this territory, IDENTITAT Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes to scene to offer a high quality product to whoever willing to enjoy its exceptional properties and have a taste of a wide heritage territory.