Empeltre variety produces olive oils with exceptional quality with a fruity flavour at the beginning of the season (resembling the taste and flavour of the unripe olives) and, as it matures, it turns to slightly sweet, transparent and very pleasant and soft flavour.

Its exceptional qualities make this oil very suited to enjoy it raw (just dressing salads or different dishes) but, due to its high content in antioxidant agents, it is also suited as cooking oil. Besides, despite its flavour, this oil is very suited to use as smoothing agent for raw aliments (such fish, carpaccio, meat,…) since this olive oil variety does not mask the real taste of the main ingredient on the dish.

The colour of this variety of oil is from golden straw to aged gold, another very distinctive aspect from other usual olive oils.

Moreover, this variety has also a high content in naturally-occurring antioxidants and in unsaturated compounds which, in turn, have been described to exert many beneficial aspects over individuals’ health.

The presence in the market of olive oil from Empeltre variety is not as high as other varieties. The main reason is because farming of this variety is not as spread over the territory as some other varieties so production of this oil remains still to be discovered amongst the olive oil community.




Picual variety, despite being the largest produced in the world and its notes and flavours are very distinctive and well-known, due to the location of our orchards, the taste of the oil we produce is softer and not as pungent as other olive oils of the same variety produced in other regions in the world. Its milder taste together with its strong personality make this oil the perfect escort for those occasions willing to combine the tastes on the dish with those on such a intense olive oil.