IDENTITAT is an outstanding and unique extra virgin olive oil. It is the product of more than five generations of experience and traditions in olive oil culture.

The distinctive character of our olive oil has been forged through time by the adaptation of our olive trees to a wild and precipitous but truly fascinating territory, a landscape which also inspired Picasso to create Cubism.

Thanks to the tenacious and enterprising efforts of generations of a family which has faced many historical adversities, including the most disastrous freeze in living memory and Batalla de l’Ebre – one of the most important episodes of the Spanish Civil War-, we have been able to master the principles required to produce an olive oil with exceptional qualities.

IDENTITAT is our past and the path we wish to follow, what we have been and where we wish to be to share the authenticity of our olive oil with others around the world.

Toni and Ariadna